In this video I give a bad review for Mike Dolev’s DFY Shopify service, which I really regret. Many internet marketers today lure you in with some sort of “100% satisfaction guarantee” and a good price for a nice service, though the service part may be ultimately lacking.
What started out well with some helpful webinars turned out badly when my requests getting started with Dolev’s program with basically ignored.
I had already put dozens of hours into my own store that I wanted to improve and they built me an entirely NEW store with some products that my wife found were NOT popular.
To boot, when I noticed the store was NOT like the one I wanted it modeled it after (even in terms of shipping times), I was told NOT to worry because all would be dropshipped from the USA.  To the contrary, when I investigated, I found that ALL of them shipped from CHINA. 
So, no, not 4-5 days free shipping, but even up to FORTY days processing and (free) shipping.  Four to five day shipping rates were obviously astronomical, but what burned me up was the obvious LIE or INCOMPETENCE on the part of this service that I was “GUARANTEED” to be happy with. Of course the numerous times I told Mike Dolev and his team I was NOT satisfied, I got a lot of hemming an hawing about how I needed to “work with them”. 
The truth is that I worked with them enough and I wanted the guarantee he was announcing from the rooftops BEFORE he sold me the bill of goods.
So, unfortunately, i have now needed to dispute the charge since I was not given what was promised.
The store was not sent according to my needs and I don’t have time to keep starting from scratch but even more importantly I don’t have the TRUST to continue in a business relationship when what I am being told is manifestly not true.
So, though I empathize with Mr Dolev who seems to have a lot of talent and did not want to leave him a bad review the dozen plus times I have had to deal with this whole Shopify situation prove he is not listening to me and only wanted people to sign up never to cancel, even if his shopify program was not all what his client asked for. 
This is why I have to leave Mike Dolev a bad review and recommend it as a no buy because I definitely sense a lack of sincerity and no real commitment to owning up to making things right when his team has made mistakes.