After reading the information presented on their SCAM website I decided to follow up with them about contracting them to build me the basic package website ($495.00USD) The state 7- 14 days to make the professional build of the site, stock it with hot selling products and start up your Facebook marketing all while coaching you along the way so once the site is up and running you can profit from it.

I had modest goals for a Shopify site, I wasn’t looking to get rich quick but I did feel this would be a way to bring in some much needed extra cash in this day and age. I don’t have the greatest design skills I tried to play with Shopify myself and just grew fustrated with my design efforts.

Because I’d been reading alot of Shopify marketing info I was targeted with one of their ads on Facebook which lead me to thier site. This seemed like an ideal way for me to get a small site up and running then learn more moving forward, I took a risk much to my regret without proper investigation of these scammers and paid for the project.

Like the two other complaints here, as soon as I paid the communication stops, emails are not returned their “customer service” email does not even deliver your messages all are returned. They send you a link to book a private call with “Mike Dolev” which is in the early morning mine was 4am (I work nights so at least I was already up). The appointment time will come and go….NO coaching call, no apology, no email explaining “oh sorry I was tierd up with business” nothing they simply don’t respond to your emails.

Then suddenly I received an email two weeks after I made my payment, its not even a personalized letter just a form letter they send out to the suckers like me saying basicly. Hey your payment didn’t process because of Stripe and so we haven’t built you a web site yet… we need you to go ahead and “WIRE” us another $495.00 directly into our Australian Bank account before we will start on your site….oh and by the way once we get the second payment of $495.00 we will refund your original $495… us……

Haha I maybe dumb but I’m not stupid….no payment will be sent… and I have file a dispute with Paypal today to get my money returned…. Now I’m just waiting for the threatening letter from them once they discover their Paypal account is frozen.