Michael Yair Dolev & Josh Gold (Black) ecombeginner DFY Shopify Shop SCAM

Michael Yair Dolev (a.k.a Mike Dolev) and Josh Black (a.k.a Yoshi Kaye)

Who are Mike Dolev and Josh Black?

Mike Dolev scammer

Michael Yair Dolev

a.k.a Mike Dolev a.k.a Mike Black

Date of birth April 16, 1999

from Hod Hasaron, Isreal


Josh Black scammer

Yoshi Kaye

a.k.a Josh Black a.k.a Josh Gold a.k.a Jake Solo

Date of birth December 1, 1990

from Sydney, Australia


Together, Michael Yair Dolev and Josh Black have been swindling the unsuspecting out of thousands of dollars with a non-existent program/product known as eCom Momentum, DFY Shopify  using various sites such as www.eComBeginner.com/dfy, www.eComBeginner.com/enroll, www.eComBeginner.com/24hours. Making false claims of creating, managing and advertising a fully optimized DFY Shopify, eCommerce store via a webinar. Their promises include taking you from $0-$10,000 in 30 days, doing all the work for you so all you have to do is sit back and watch the money roll in.

They CLAIM they will build a completely customized and personalized store from SCRATCH to finish, using Shopify, will install a private custom theme, pick the best niche for you, will do research for trends, choose the best products for your store, give you suppliers list, design your shop logo, test products in your store and add new products every week and run fully optimized Facebook ads and more!

In the emails they send, they declare that “This workshop could change your life” or “Today you can take 2 simple steps towards making 6 figures this year with Shopify…” or “Shortcut to 6 figures with Shopify” or “My team will buld & manage your Shopify store”

Its not a workshop – it’s a scheme to entice you to purchase from them. Once you purchase they literally disappear. Neither Mike Dolev or Josh Black will respond to your emails, Facebook PMs, Skype IMs or any other means they have given you to communicate with them. Once they receive your payment, you’ll only be in touch with their support staff, whose English is not great, even if you request to be put in touch with them directly.

If any work at all is done, it is sub-par. A shop with random products that are poorly described. Which believe it or not is worse than getting nothing. When you receive nothing you have a better chance at getting a refund.

In a few cases they’ve never deliver the shop and refuse refunds although they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, promising your store will be fully set up within 7-14 days.

Lately they removed the original guarantee after unhappy buyers have banned together to get full refunds and expose their scheme.  Here is a link to the Original Sales Page  and here is the link to the New Version

Since Strip and Zaxaa have shut them down they now changed their game and trying to scam people by this personal letter sent by email, which can be viewed by clicking here

Lately Michael Yair Dolev and Josh Black have went to separate ways:
Mike new scam is https://ecominnovationbiz.clickfunnels.com

Josh new scam are:






Josh use this email – [email protected]


What you should do?Join our FB group here Mike Dolev & Josh Black Scam Alert but know that you will be screened. Do not take it personally

  • Ask for a refund from Paypal – call Paypal before you open the dispute to get help, how to file it to get your money back. Successful refunds were received typically when the store set-up was not started and the dispute was initiated as “product not received”.
  • Report them to IC3 here IC3
  • Report them to the FBI here FBI
  • Report them to FTC here FTC (this video will help you file your report)
  • Report them to ripoffreport.com
  • Report them to scambook.com
  • Report them to complaintsboard.com
  • Give a testimonial to help other people not to fall in to this scam HERE


  1. ricardo

    do you wanna revenge? destroy them? contact me

    • Jennifer

      I want money back and to shut them down.

    • vera


      I have purchased from mike dolev and uptill date they have not delivered. Since 15 of march. I had a skype call and they both ask for $997 and in return I will get my old $997 back to my account and they will start the process of the 2 stores but up till date they have not answered me not on skype and not on my email either. How will I get my money back because I used my current account to pay for it and I am afraid I can’t get it back. Please help me get my money back.

      Thank you

  2. Alex

    I recently paid $597 for their new ecom innovation, I wished I came to this page before purchasing. This was the sales page https://dvmedia.clickfunnels.com/sales-page13781337

    I feel stressed now that I have lost $597, and thats actually all my last investment that I thought I would be able to finally learn from a mentor and make a long term business and make money.

    • admin

      Hi Alex,

      Sorry to hear you got scammed by them, pls join the FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1225571530866221/
      To find what is best way to try to get your money back.

      • Alex

        Hi thanks, I just requested to join the FB group.

  3. Mukhtar

    I have recently joined a course called eCom Complete by Josh Black. I paid $497 for it. Is that a scam too?

    • admin

      Hi Mukhtar,
      We didn’t get any complains about the course yet, we have only complains about the DFY Shopify store. you will be the first to tell us if it’s a scam or not.
      They changed the format of their offer, now YOU have to do everything they “teach” and if it doesn’t work… well… then it’s your fault. easier to win Paypal disputes, they don’t need to deliver anything. in the DFY Shopify store they stole the teaching materials from another person (we talked to him – he dont know them and never gave them permission to use his teaching videos).
      All the best..

  4. Mohamed

    That means I was scammed by this josh black scammer as I paid $197 through this site:- http://ecomcomplete.com
    He removed paypal to avoid disputes. Any help to get a way to refund my paid money.

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