Mike Dolev and Josh Black are scammers! we purchase a DFY Shopify store and they are the WORST! they deliver a bad looking shop with terrible products selection, bad grammar and leave you ALL ON YOUR OWN!!! No FB ads campaigns, no scaling the ads, no one to talk to..
They promise to take you form $0-$10,000 within 30 days and to give you a working shop up to 14 days. NO such thing!!! maybe in your dreams!
They promise:
“Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed
Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed. We will deliver your store to your liking and provide you with EVERYTHING you see here on this page. Our support staff is here for you whenever you need to help with anything. There’s never an ending to the support until you’re completely satisfied and making money.”
“The Iron Clad Action Based Guarantee
If you can’t make money with the stores after following up with our support and working on it with us on it and we can’t make it work for you, we will refund you and send you a $300 check for ‘wasting your time’

Because this is not a get rich quick solution we require you to actually take action and work with us for this guarantee to apply, and it makes sense because I’m sure you are ready to take action. The reason we offer it is because we are confident that you will be satisfied and we want to help you feel more safe, with this guarantee there’s literally nothing to lose.”
So many lies within a few sentences – nothing here is TRUE! not a single word!
They were so nice and reply to all our questions, until we paid, from that minute on they become wicked. They don’t care about you, as soon they get your money, you will never hear from them again. I would NOT recommend anyone to get the DFY Shopify store of Mike Dolev and Josh Black.