Michael Yair Dolev & Josh Gold (Black) ecombeginner DFY Shopify Shop SCAM

Scam Alert


Mike Dolev Josh Black Refund Video Dated June 2016


Mike Dolev Review for DFY Shopify Store– BAD REVIEW


Mike Dolev and Josh Black SCAM “The Internet is Full of Charlatans!”


STAY AWAY from Mike Dolev and Josh Black SCAM


Mike Dolev Tried To Scam Me Twice


Mike Dolev and Josh Black Stripe Tweet Scam


Mike Black (Dolev) and Josh Black are Total Scam – Never Buy Anything From These People


Mike Black (Dolev) and Josh Black Are Scamming Their Own Employees


Mike Michael Yair vand Josh Black Are SCAMMERS!!!


  1. ASD

    haha! These guys again!

    Change name–> Change name of program–> Sell program–> Scam people –> no refunds unless pay-pal intervenes –> back to step 1.

    Rinse and repeat. They have been at it for at least 2 years.

  2. Micah

    They created a toy store for me and they didnt even help me with ads. They promise top notch service, but you cant get in touch with them through email. They dont do anything they promise.

  3. Simon

    They also have a Webinar scam –
    “Make 5 to 6 figures per month selling high cost products. Here’s how…”
    which sends you to a webinar hosted by a Rahman Nur. He promises huge returns on investment -and then asks you to fill out an application (since its supposed to be very selective!).
    The bottom line is he calls you up and asks you to wire him 2000 USD -and thats the last you hear from him….
    Dont give this guy anything….

  4. Anonymous

    Their new modus is the intensive mastermind business. Josh partnered up with Rahman Noor which is also a scammer. Mike probably doesn’t show himself because his name is already wrecked. I heard he even stole money from his family in Israel. Such a disgrace. Don’t be fooled!

  5. Anonymous

    Wow thanks for the warning!
    Is Dan Dasilva part of this shceme? It’s my understanding that they are or at least used to be partners.

  6. Ripped off

    Stay away from Mike Black @ Guaranteed Appliance. Do not trust him!

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