A friend has been following Josh and Mike for a bit and suggested purchasing the DFY Shopify.
After several weeks of back and forth emails with someone with limited English skills we became suspicious. We then found another person on Facebook who was experiencing similar issues, non-delivery, long wait time for emails, inability to communicate directly with the seller after repeated requests. We were finally given a user name and pass word to a store that was for lack of a better word, crappy.
The design was terrible, the products were random, AND we’d asked for a General Store and what was created was niche specific.
The product descriptions were imported from Aliexpress, there was no product research, optimization…total rubbish. We must admit, we were in disbelieve, as we’ve been working on our own store since December.
It does take a lot of work, which we were more than willing to take on. We just needed some fine tuning, guidance from “experts”. None of this was received.
We think the most difficult part after the initial realization that the DFY offered was not going to happen is the amount of time spent getting a refund which was boldly stated on the sales page. Lesson learned: use Google to vet the seller, use your credit card to pay for anything. Paypal doesn’t work for you but your credit card company does.